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Keep My Voice

Project Details

UX (Sitemap, user journey maps wireframes, InVision prototypes)

Team Gleason

Project URL


Team Members
Creative Directors: Sam Spratlin, Tim Hogan, Samantha Gorelik, Estee Mathes
Visual Designer: Tracy J Lee
Developers: Matt Andrade, Zack Pirello
Technology Director: VInce Smolucha

Platforms & Frameworks
Custom Framework, Google Demographic Data & ABC Library


2018 Cannes Lions

Shortlist : Brand Experience & Activation Lions
Not-for-profit / Charity
Role: UX Designer

Shortlist : Media Lions
Channels > Use of Stunts 

Shortlist: Direct Lions
Single Country Campaign
Role: UX Designer

2018 One Show

Merit in Health, Wellness & Pharma: Digital / Web
Role: UX Designer

Merit in Interactive: Innovation in Interactive / Online
Role: UX Designer


The PR campaign needed a landing destination for the media, and we had a desire to simulate the experience people using assistive technologies face every day without simply being a gimmick. We also needed to provide a non-simulation path for users that simply wanted to contact their legislators or who were not able to use the desktop experience (mobile, users with disabilities). The site without eye tracking passes WCAG 2.0AA guidelines.

Solution Architecture

Using a variety of pubilcly available libraries from groups such as Google, we were able to build a website that lived up to the hype.

The main task on the website was to contact a legislator while using eye-tracking software to input a zipcode. An alternative set of steps was included to allow the site to be usable on any device, regardless of compatibity with the simulation.

Because of the limitations of existing libraries, the site could only be fully realized with eye tracking on desktop and with a web cam enabled. I created a user journey that would allow for a user to use the basic function of the site – contacting their legislator, without any hiccups or roadblocks to mobilizing user support for the law.