Hello. I’m Mary Fran, an award-winning, UX/CX strategy leader & creative technologist with 14 years of experience.

Core Beliefs

User experience work is not complete until it considers all users.

There is no excuse for an exclusionary experience. Diversity in imagery, inclusive terminology and accessibility all contribute to inclusive interfaces. It is the responsibility of user experience professionals to identity and combat bias in our work and ensure that all users can interact with our products.  

UX becomes CX WHEN YOU Considers every interaction a user and brand have

It’s important to user our design thinking skills for all aspects of the experience and not be trapped by pixels on a screen. A truly comprehensive experience meets users where they are to foster the relationship between a user/customer and a business.

User experience requires expertise in business strategy,  design thinking and technology.

User needs don’t exist in a vaccuum – digital products and platforms need business reasons to exist. By leaning into design thinking and business acumen and pairing them with technology, both users and businesses benefit.