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Cox.com Move & Transfer Flow

Project Details

UX (UX Strategy, Wireframes, Interactive Prototypes)

Cox Communications

Project URL
http://cox.com/residential/move.html (not yet live)
Interactive Prototype

Team Members
UI Design: Ben Ludwig
Developers: Cox Dev Team

Platforms & Frameworks
Adobe Experience Manager
Proprietary Account Management System

Problem & Process

The current Cox.com transfer login vs proposed

An outdated and desktop-first experience was frustrating users who were trying to transfer their Cox services to a new address. The system was hard to navigate, overwhelming and would often prompt users to call without telling them where they went wrong.

We were tasked with streamlining the process so that users could easily transfer their service without needing to call, and that they could do it from their couch while watching TV. With a small testing budget, we ran guerrilla tests on customer look-alike audiences from within our organization.

The resulting experience was a multi-step form that provided clear feedback throughout the process. One of the biggest changes made was to prioritize account login rather than account lookup. We also prioritized the form over the FAQs and marketing speak by combining the marketing page about moving and transferring with the interactive form that allowed users to initiate the transfer. 

In testing we learned that users often checked availability before committing to transferring their services, so we made sure that users could check availability before we forced a login.

We also learned that many users had difficulty tracking that all of the decisions that they had made were correct throughout the experience. We made sure that we were reinforcing choices throughout the process, such as reiterating the services being transferred when choosing a transfer date or ensuring that copy clearly showed which address was which.

These screens are part of the transfer as-is flow, for customers transferring service but not changing what is in their package. Upgrades and sidegrades will be available in the next rollout and downgrades and cancellations are not possible via this interface.

key screens from the redesigned move/transfer process