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Let’s Measure Up

Project Details

UX/UI (UX Strategy, Requirements Definition, Wireframes, Interactive Prototypes, UI Designs)

CFA Institute

Project URL

Team Members
Group Creative Director: Rob Jameison
Graphic Designer: Connor Flemming
Illustrator: Paul Waring
Developers: Matt Andrade, Zack Pirello, Anthony Vizza, Seth Collins
Technology Director: VInce Smolucha

Platforms & Frameworks
Fully responsive custom framework

Problem & Process

I led a series of brainstorms to uncover a user-centered solution for the landing destination that was pitched as part of the campaign. We knew that the audience for the campaign was significantly different from the audience for the main institute site. With the right audience in mind, I structured the brainstorms around a simple how might we statement, “How Might we Showcase CFA attributes that matter most to institutions?” 

We settled upon an interactive story telling website featuring the stories of interesting CFA Charterholders and data visualizations.

The project was completed with a phased approach. On the old website, we created a content page to serve as a landing destination for the transition campaign between the old messaging and the new brand position. We then built Let’s Measure Up as a stand-alone website to ensure uptime and maximum creative flexibilty while the institute site was redesigned.

The site needed to have 3 waves of content, each with 3 pieces of content for a total of 6 stories and 3 data visualizations all targeted to “Institutional Investors” which consists of C-suite financial executives and recruiters at financial firms.

Solution Architecture

The site had a simple goal – convey the benefits of hiring a CFA Charterholder in a clear, concise manner and encourage hiring managers to seek out Charterholders for their next hire.

Our ideal journey was a user visiting the home page or story page, interacting with a related data visualization and eventually ending up at the custom search filter on LinkedIn. Our key KPIs were types of engagement clicks, full page scrolls and video plays.

Simplified User Journey for Let's Measure Up

Solution Architecture

Site Map For Lets Measure Up

I planned a flat architecture for the site for the set number of content pieces that were planned, with some flexibility for the site to grow with additional content that followed the same structure of a story or a data visualization.

As I worked through the interface, the content that was created for each story was streamlined. From our original plan to include many types of media, each story evolved into text, images and video to allow for faster production and faster loading in China, one of our lead markets.

I worked with the development team to create simple, but striking animations throughout the site as a way to elevate a straightforward experience. I worked with the lead graphic designer to craft image and illustration combinations that were visually striking while falling in line with the illustrated nature of the campaign.

I designed a variety of blocks that were repeated throughout the story pages so that each page was modular while still being engaging. The pages were designed using a multi-screen approach that allowed for an ideal experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

Mid-project, it was determined that the cookies and targeting we were using would require an affirmative cookie consent, rather than a passive cookie notice due to the implementation of the GDPR. I designed interactions that made it clear which cookies were optional and which were not while also describing the role each type played. It was important to use clear, direct language in a simple interface to ensure that users understood the consent they were being asked to give.

Project Success

While analytics are confidential, the LetsMeasureUp.org site beat all benchmarks set by the analytics team, and the client has decided that the site will continue to be updated with fresh content for each wave of campaign assets. The site will see some IA updates as well as a new home page in the next round based on data and learnings from the first year of site data.