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Huggies.com Optimizations

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UX (UX Strategy, Wireframes, Interactive Prototypes)


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Team Members
Creative Directors: Erick Schassburger, Susi Michalski
Developers: KC IT

Platforms & Frameworks

Problem & Process

Huggies noticed a large drop off in registrations in early 2019. The brand client assumed that the biggest barrier to rewards sign ups from the website was that the sign up process was too long, however after some investigation, I discovered multiple barriers leading up to even accessing the form.

The sign up was the second tab in the sign in modal, the link was small and easy to miss in the header and there were too many choices for services to create an account with.

I recommended making Join its own modal, streamlining the header and prioritizing rewards visually. I also recommended that they reduce the number of options for sign up. You can see the old user patterns in use on the Pull-Ups site. This made the join CTA stronger and easier for a user to complete.

The reduction in tools available for registration from 6 options to 2 also reduces friction and decision paralysis with a binary choice