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Chicago Sun Times Rebranding

Project Details

UX/UI (UX Audit, UX Strategy, Requirements Definition, Design System Oversight)

Chicago Suntimes

Project URL

Team Members
Chief Creative Officer: Joe Sciarotta
Executive Creative Directors: Nancy Hanon, David Hernandez
Executive Director, Design: Gabe Usadel
Graphic Designers: Connor Flemming, Remy Glock
Developers: Suntimes Dev Team

Platforms & Frameworks
WordPress (site has since been migrated to a new platform)

During a brand platform creation, it was determined that we needed a landing destination for ads that spoke to the creative and was magnetic to encourage interaction. With a poorly structured and outdated site in the midst of a redesign and replatforming, we needed to create a site that would serve the campaign.


sun times on the ground

Because the brand launch was happening on a schedule too fast for a full site redesign, we completed a heuristic evaluation, accessibility audit and UX strategy. We delivered IA recommendations and a visual redesign that respected the original site structure. Implementation of the new structure is forthcoming.



I provided an analysis (PDF) and strategy utilizing a strategy framework that I developed for how to move forward without creating completely new templates from scratch as a way to implement the new branding without requiring a complete website rebuild. We made key template updates to improve the experience and provided a roadmap for how to further iterate to success.

UX Strategy Slides

colors and categories

Color plays a key role in the print paper design, however print sections and the navigation don’t often match.

The colors assigned to print sections mirror how the future IA of the site will work – colors are indicating super categories. Black is for content type pages that fall outside of subject-driven categories. The first item in each color is the main category that will be represented in the site update.