Free time is meant for learning, exploring and growing. Outside of my day job, I keep busy following my heart. So far, it has led to a 5-year gluten-free baking blog experiment, a design challenge and the planning of a new non-proft.

The Chronic Positivity Project is a series of typographic and hand lettered poster designs with positive and encouraging quotes.

Frannycakes was a gluten-free baking and cooking blog that featured original recipes and photography. I ran the site from April 2011 through January 2016. Through that blog, I was invited to speak at multiple food and food allergy events to speak to bloggers and teach them about web design and WordPress as well as teaching cooking and baking classes to the general public.

I discovered the benefits and joy of ballet in 2015, and it helped change my outlook on life. As I have become a stronger and more accomplished dancer, I am creating an organization that brings traditional dance forms and classes to sufferers of pain conditions, much like Ballet for Parkinson's programs.